Discounted Fall '23 Clay Cutter Bundle

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  • 8 cutters
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This bundle includes:

  1. (1.5 in) Long Cut Out Pumpkin
  2. (1.25 in) Mirrored Leaf Set (2 Cutters)
  3. (1.25 in) Botanical Pumpkin
  4. (1.25 in) Leafy Pumpkin
  5. (1 in) Mushroom
  6. (1.25 in) Mirrored Bird Set (2 Cutters)

Our cutters are designed and printed in our home studio in Lititz, PA. We use high quality, biodegradable PLA (polylactide) made from renewable natural resources such as corn starch and tapioca products.

This cutter has a single tapered wall and a sharp cutting edge. However, we highly recommend using a release agent such as cornstarch (my preferred method).

Cutters are pre-printed (NOT made-to-order). Our current processing time is 1-4 business days.